Complete Transaction
Complete transactions on the showroom kiosk via card payment or using a QR code


Pre-Qualify Check-in
Give your customers the chance to check-in and sort through vehicles before they prequalify

Transfer to Mobile Phone to Apply
Select your vehicle on kiosk then scan QR code to continue prequalification process on your mobile device

Cashiering Kiosk
Private-labeled cashiering kiosk services doubles as an ATM


Accepts Payments
Accepts payments via checks, debit and credit cards, or cash – and makes change as a full cash payment kiosk


Mobile App
Private-labeled dealership mobile application services for Apple Store and Google Play


Dispense cash rewards from kiosk


In-App Payments
Have your customers make their payments directly in your app

connecting the online experience to in-store automation

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Showroom Kiosks

Cashiering Kiosks

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Automotive Digital Retail

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Our Integrated Partners

AutoQuoter Solutions for dealerships

Online to in-store bridge

Showroom Kiosk

AutoQuoter kiosks simplify the check-in and sales process for each and every dealership visitor. With a 49″ touchscreen that can import dealer visitor details, vehicle of interest, softball (700 Credit) into your CRM, CDK Global, and Dealertrack.

Our new lender referral program can eliminate all upfront costs if you provide our team with the lenders you work with most often. Click the lender referral button below, fill out the form, and we’ll verify we have the right person to call at the lender to get the conversation started.

Lender-Driven Sales Automation

Automotive Digital Retail Microsite

Drive loyalty and retention by offering consumers a marketplace to vehicles aligned with their purchasing power. Combined with the AutoQuoter Showroom Kiosk, enable consumers to continue as a pre-approved buyer when they check-in in the showroom.

QuotePro will cover the cost of hosting the inventory for dealers that are interested in extending the reach of their available vehicle inventory. Dealers can also benefit from the Showroom Kiosk lender referral program.

Digitization of the consumer journey

Secure Mobile Phone Transfer

QR codes on window stickers enable the consumer to start on the lot, then continue their purchase on the Showroom Kiosk. Securely allow customers to access more information as part of the check-in on the Showroom Kiosk.

Enable customers to apply for financing as they wait for the dealer sales team. The QR code provides a secure way to minimize time spent at a Kiosk. The transfer to mobile phone also enables the auto-fill features.

Applications completed can be mapped into the dealer’s CRM, DMS, or credit app platform like Dealertrack.