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AutoQuoter Analytics Dashboard & Reports

AutoQuoter’s Dealership Dashboard gives you valuable insight into your dealership’s sales and marketing data. Suit your dealership’s goals, by fully customize your dashboard to track and display information that is critical to your dealership.

    A dashboard customized for your dealership

    Track and display critical dealership information

    The Dealership Dashboard can be customized to suit your dealership’s needs. The data from your sales is a rich metric that can be used to improve your dealership’s performance, to point out inefficiencies, or for a variety of different purposes. Our Analytics Dashboard helps break that data down by creating reports that are simple to read and that showcase the key metrics that are important to you and your team. That’s why we give you the ability to fully customize your dashboard.

    Different ways to customize your analytics dashboard

    Sales & Leads


    Store & Employee Performance


    Data Analytics are key for growth of dealerships

    The Dealership Dashboard provides a real-time view of all sales, and tracks leads from all digital channels including Facebook ads, paid and organic Google searches.

    We provide inventory and loan pre-approval website plug-ins that work hand-in-hand with each Dealer Management Systems.

    AutoQuoter has also created Bind Online technology that keeps the sale going by allowing customers the ability to quickly and easily buy a car at any time, on any day.

    All legal and loan generated documents are presented and electronically signed with a copy automatically sent to the customer and to the Dealer Management System.

    Customers are then directed to schedule an appointment to pick-up their new vehicles, and can drive home in a matter of minutes. From generating clicks to automating sales, we’ve got you covered.

    Our dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your dealership

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