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AutoQuoter Online Sales Plug-In for Dealerships

Our online sales plug-in that stores all information including inventory listings and credit applications.

Make your car dealership easily accessible

Speed up the financing approval process

The AutoQuoter Sales Plug-In will integrate with financing guidelines to streamline and automate your sales process. No longer will your clients have to wait for long, manual underwriting processes. Our plug-in integrates with financial guidelines set by your dealerships finance department, to approve vehicle loans faster so that your team can keep on selling instead of waiting. Give more time back to your employees and keep your customers happy with AutoQuoter Sales Plug-In!

Banks and Credit Unions


of data stored on your dashboard

Simple Credit Application™ for Car Dealerships 

AutoQuoter Simple Credit Application™  is part of our website plugin. It provides a streamlined user interface for your used car dealership. With 700 Credit Integration, all information is collected to get complete credit applications online, ready for underwriting. 

Our application speeds up the process by having all information captured before the customer even gets to the dealership. Our application integrates with your financing solution to pull in all the information that your customers filled online, so that there’s no need to aggravate customers by requesting repeated data

Collect application data the right way


Faster Loan Approval

Say goodbye to manual underwriting with our automated application approval.

fully integrated

Integrates with banks’ financing software to provide fast and reliable loan approval

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  • Website becomes your sales generator
  • All information is tracked on the dashboard for real time data results
  • Integration with sales kiosk
  • Speeds up process by having all information captured before the customer gets to the dealership
  • Integration with 700 credit ensures all credit history is pulled and underwritten