Sales and Service kiosks

Interactive Showroom Kiosks

Private-labeled check-in and sales kiosk services.

Features and Functionality:

  • 49″ HD LED touchscreen monitor
  • Check-in services
  • Kiosk integration
    • Inventory and credit application
    • Lender pre-qualifications
    • CRM
  • Service check-in
  • Transfer to mobile device
    • QR code launch
    • Secure site to fill in credit application & upload documents

A showstopper kiosk for your car dealership

Your dealership’s inventory is only a touch away

Bring your customers an intuitive sales experience that allows them to explore the complete inventory of your dealership on a beautiful 49″ kiosk. Your customers will get to browse at their own pace and explore all features of the vehicles that interest them.

No longer will your customers sit idly and impatiently waiting in your showroom, instead, you can increase your volume by allowing them to self-sort through your inventory from the moment they step in through your door.

less Waiting

No more waiting around the lobby, your customers can search your full vehicle inventory in great detail.

effortless setup

Our simple implementation process will ensure that you can get set up and going quickly and easily.

An Intuitive Experience

Our kiosks are built on a touchscreen that functions like the devices your customer are already familiar with.

Increase customer satisfaction by allowing your dealership visitors to search through the vehicles in your inventory while they wait. Regardless if your sales team is busy during peak hours or if you’re understaffed, you can rest assured that our AutoQuoter Sales Kiosk will keep your customers engaged. 

Even during days when the weather is less than ideal, your customers will be able to narrow their search by exploring your inventory and individual vehicle features from the comfort of your showroom.

Increase engagement and boost customer satisfaction

Explore the features of our showroom sales kiosk for dealerships


Customers can quickly check in upon arrival


Customers schedule appointments directly on-screen


Product Selection
Display your complete product selection and allow customers to scroll and swipe using our intuitive user interface


QR Code
Scan a QR Code at any point to move your interaction to the mobile app


Our 49″ touchscreen monitor provides a beautiful surface for your content to be displayed in 4k resolution.


Complete Transactions
Complete transactions on the showroom kiosk via card payment or using a QR code


We offer 2 configurations for the showroom kiosk, vertical or horizontal.

AutoQuoter Solutions for dealerships

Online to in-store bridge

Showroom Kiosk

AutoQuoter kiosks simplify the check-in and sales process for each and every dealership visitor. With a 49″ touchscreen that can import dealer visitor details, vehicle of interest, softball (700 Credit) into your CRM, CDK Global, and Dealertrack.

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