Used car Dealers

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Used car dealerships need the right tools to serve the unique needs of their clients. Thankfully, AutoQuoter has solutions that are specifically tailored for those needs, and we make sure that they fully integrate with your Dealer Management System.


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AutoQuoter offers solutions for used car dealerships 

A simple credit app allows all information to be captured before the customer gets to the dealership, saving you time. Integration with 700 credit ensures all credit history is pulled and underwritten. Then, all information is stored in a CRM/DMS. Documents that can be electronically signed will be sent to the customer. We arm your team with the information to underwrite every deal and approve customers in minutes.

All information is stored electronically in compliance with rules and regulations, saving paper and file room space. Inventory page management is available if needed. We also offer integration with sales kiosk to enable check-in.

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AutoQuoter Used Car Dealership solutions

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We make it easier to get your customers into their new vehicles. AutoQuoter offers a mobile app, AutoQuoter Simple Credit Application™ Powered by Cox, our AutoQuoter Drive™ Website Plugin, IVR, and inventory listing capabilities.